An Overabundance of Pears

Posted by antigoneluce on October 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM

...and i'm reaching for things to do with them.  I've already mentioned pear wine, and of course, there's been copious amounts of fresh eating.  So, today, I peeled, cored, and chunked about a half bushel of the buggers and am canning them up in a cinnamon syrup.  Really simple to make.  Just simmer a few cups of sugar and several tablespoons of cinnamon in about a quart or 2 of water.  I didn't measure, I just went by taste.  So, first load has already pinged, and second load is being processed.  I wish I already had apples to do this with, but my trees aren't old enough to produce yet.  Right now, I only have the honeycrisp in the back yard and the gala in the front yard.  We should have a granny smith in the front to replace the fuji my hubby killed earlier this year (he collared the thing on accident when he was weedeating around it).  But I'm grateful that the owners of the empty house up the street lets me harvest the pears off the trees there.  I think tomorrow I"ll be going back up there to get more pears to preserve.  I got lots of cinnamon syrup left to use up. LOL

First frost was a month earlier than I expected.  I should have known that either I remembered wrong or it was reported wrong.  Probably erred on my part. LOL.  So, we brought in the sweet potatoes, which netted us a laundry basket full of orange spuds.  Also got a few more watermelon off the vines before they died off.  The okra are still producing, but right now I'm letting it go to seed.  Got lots of huge pods on the plants right now.  I think i'll be sharing okra seed next spring with friends.

So, been thinking about what to do about Yule this year, as with hubby off work injured, finances are extremely tight.  Been working on a knit scarf for Weebit as a gift, but hubby, I have no idea what to do.  I don't wanna give wine as gifts as much as I want to just share the wine at holiday events.  I still have 1 carboy bubbling right now.  I should have plenty to share for Yule.  So, I have a few ideas of what to gift to ppl, but I'm not sharing the ideas since some ppl who read this might be recieving the gifts.  Don't wanna spoil the surprise.

We're kinda having our own little shtf time right now.  Hubby is off work until his sternum heals.  He injured it when he pushed the truck a mile to a friend's house when it broke down.  I didn't know it was possible, but apparently it is.  It's called costochondritis.  That explained the tightness in the chest, the pain, and the low stamina for activity of any kind.  He's not allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs or lift anything at all above his head.  It's kinda driving Weebit crazy since she loves to rough-house with Daddy, and he can't.  I find it funny, though.  I'm having to use some of my food preps right now to keep us fed, and I think we're eating great.  This is kinda giving the family an idea of what it will be like when the real shtf happens.  

Btw, for those of you who don't know SHTF stands for $#!+ Hits The Fan.  Further info:  TEOTWAWKI stands for The End Of The World As We Know It.  These really are abreviations that are used in the prepper community.  I didn't make these up.  There are lots of other abreviations, like BOB -  Bug Out Bag... also BOV - Bug Out Vehicle  (the vehicle you will use to evacuate), BOL - Bug Out Location (the place to where you're bugging out), the aforementioned DGI - Didn't Get It, TPTB - The Powers That Be, and others.  I'll try to remember some more of them to help ppl get caught up with the abreviations. 

There are also some sayings that are unique to the prepper/homesteader community.  For instance the 3 B's - Beans, Bullets and Bandaids, which refer to the 3 categories of prepping.  Beans, of course refer to food.  Bullets refer to security.  Bandaids refer to medical, which includes storing extra of any prescription medications, and possibly some austere types of trauma care.  This one was made popular by James Wesley Rawles, the author.  Another one is Gold, Guns and Grub.  This one comes from Shane Connor, the owner of  Both of these are really intelligent ways to look at prepping.  

Oh man, I still have to do my podcast this morning.  I better shut up so I have something to talk about when I do it.  I think I"ll put it off till after I get some sleep.  Don't wanna yawn while on air. LOL.  Okay, gnite.

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