Posted by antigoneluce on September 26, 2012 at 1:05 AM

I don't think it's too much to ask that anyone who comes here be respectful.  Well, apparently this "christian" that goes by the name of PeppermintSushi on the JMR chat thinks that it's too much to ask.  Here's our discussion from the chatroom.  I won't be going back there anymore.


Cag3db1rd: found my mix recipes

 Cag3db1rd: is momma still in/

Cag3db1rd: ? (fricking shift button)

Rightsatrisk911tol: Doesn't look like Mother is still here. She's logged off.

Cag3db1rd: well, here's the link to my rice mix recipes i just posted on pp


Rightsatrisk911tol: Thanks Caged...I'll go check it out now

Cag3db1rd: i also have the book "make your own groceries" that might be helpful to ppl. i just have to figure out how to share it.

Cag3db1rd: just saw there are some other recipes mixed in there. oops

Rightsatrisk911tol: These sound sooo good! Thanks for posting them to your website! As soon as I'm able...I'll put some of these together...except...I may use mason jars and I'll be careful using the brown rice. It tends to go rancid.

Cag3db1rd: everyone is welcome to be there as long they are respectful.

Rightsatrisk911tol: do you have alot of ppl not being respectful Caged?

PeppermintSushi: pagans are liberal, liberals are by nature disrespectful.

Cag3db1rd: rights, you just saw what i am talking about

Cag3db1rd: thank you, sushi, for proving my point

PeppermintSushi: there ya go rights. dare to disagree with a liberal and you are disrespectful

Cag3db1rd: no, you disrespected me by assuming that because i am pagan that i am a liberal, and therefore, disrespectful.

Cag3db1rd: I have done nothing to you to deserve that disrespect

Rightsatrisk911tol: I try not to judge. It's not my job. I leave that to the Lord. I also get judged because I'm Morman.

PeppermintSushi: never met pagan that wasn't a liberal

Cag3db1rd: you've been chatting with me how long?

PeppermintSushi: you were first to bring up the disrespectful comment

Cag3db1rd: no, i didn't.

Cag3db1rd: i wasn't even talking to you.

PeppermintSushi: You sure did. Read your own comments.

Cag3db1rd: you interjected with a rude comment about pagans.

PeppermintSushi: About 14 lines up. you made the comment about people being welcome only if they are "respectful"

Cag3db1rd: my exact words are "everyone is welcome there as long as they are respectful."

Cag3db1rd: so, you think that i should allow someone on my board if they're gonna yell fire and brimstone at me?

PeppermintSushi: You made the comment on respectful first

Cag3db1rd: yes, and it was a positive statement.

PeppermintSushi: Is that a hateful comment about christians

Cag3db1rd: why are you being like this?

Cag3db1rd: you're specifically picking a fight with me

PeppermintSushi: It looked like a negative comment. They only welcome IF they are respectful.

Cag3db1rd: well, if i came on here and started going off on christians for some odd reason, then i would expect to be booted. i have no beef with most of the christians i know, and some of my best friends are christian, so i would have no reason to go off on anyone as a generality about christianity.

PeppermintSushi: You will never see me writing anything about me requiring others to be "respectful" on my website.

Cag3db1rd: but if someone were to come on my board and start being rude to me and my other members, then i would boot them. it's my board, and i make that determination. it's not up for debate. i have that right.

PeppermintSushi: You made the rude comment about others being "disrespectful" on your website.

PeppermintSushi: We're not liberals. We don't play that game.

Cag3db1rd: no, you called pagans disrespectful

Cag3db1rd: stop trying to pick a fight with me, peppermint sushi

Cag3db1rd: this was an a-b conversation. c ur way out.

PeppermintSushi: They are disrespectful. I know many of them. They are all alike.

Cag3db1rd: at this point, you're the one being disrespectful.

PeppermintSushi: Do you believe in the global warming farce?

Cag3db1rd: i wasn't even talking to you. you inturrupted my conversation and got rude with me.

Cag3db1rd: no, i don't.

Cag3db1rd: i believe that the globe warms and cools on a cycle and it's normal

PeppermintSushi: You are on a forum full of non-liberals. What did you expect?

Cag3db1rd: I'M NOT A LIBERAL

PeppermintSushi: You're a pagan?


Cag3db1rd: So, you're the one who came and attacked me.

PeppermintSushi: No such thing as non-liberal pagan.

Cag3db1rd: I'm hurt and dissapointed with you.

PeppermintSushi: Really?

Cag3db1rd: I honestly thought you were a better person than this

PeppermintSushi: Tell us why you demand that others be "respectful" when looking at your website? T

Cag3db1rd: because it's the right thing to do.

PeppermintSushi: We make not such demands. It is rediculous.

PeppermintSushi: We make not such demands. It is rediculous.

Cag3db1rd: are you purposefully trying to drive me away?

PeppermintSushi: I am trying to wake you up.

Rightsatrisk911tol: You know....I'm too tired to deal with this...and yes I felt a little offended by your comment Caged....I knew you were pagan..but didn't judge...hopefully you won't do the same....and I never got the feeling you were liberal Caged.....and even if you were, parents are democrat and very liberal...I don't judge them either. You both have a good night. I'm out!

Cag3db1rd: you know what, it's midnight. i'm tired. i'm now angry. and I think you just succeeded in driving me away. Good going, Peppermintsushi. I hope this isn't how you treat everyone you witness to. You're a perfect example of what we pagans face every day and why a lot of us have chips on our shoulders toward christianity in general. It's the way we're treated. Good Bye.

PeppermintSushi: It isn't too late to change.

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Reply Stephanie
7:16 AM on July 28, 2015 
I read line by line and every single word carefully. You're right PeppermintSushi was being disrespectful. In fact, he/she was making a blanket statement about pagans and that's not fair. They don't even know you to be making such a statement. It was clearly an attack. I've seen many websites that included chat rooms where in the disclaimer they say there is to be no discrimination of any sort or they will be removed from the chat. You are doing the right thing by booting out such rude people like that. I'm sorry for you're hurt and hope you feel better.