My name is Tabi.  I am a Pagan Prepper.  I have been working toward sustainability for several years.  I've raised rabbits and chickens, gardened, preserved, and stored back.  Currently, I'm looking at alternative energy options.  I live on a very limited space with my husband, daughter, 4 cats, and 1 dog.  I homeschool/unschool my daughter.  Our plan is to make this tiny spot of ours self sustaining if possible, using permaculture, biointensive raised-bed gardening, small scale livestock, vermiculture, alternative energy, water conservation, composting, food storage and preservation, and recycling.  Eventually, after we have finished paying off this house, we hope to be able to support this property on the funds generated by sales of our produce, eggs, and fishing bait.  As I learn more, I will be posting everything I can to help others.  

I feel there are plenty of sites dedicated to preppers of judeo-christian beliefs.  I've yet to come across one just for Pagans and Heathens.  I intend to fill this void with this site.  I started the concept as a Facebook group, but since I left FB, I handed the reins over to my friends, and have chosen to go it alone as a stand-alone resource website. There's an active forum for discussion, and maybe, if everyone wans it, a chatroom can be added to this site to make sharing of information and ideas easier.  This is a work in progress.