Please join SAFE, the reconstruction network started by Bruce Beach.

In olden times, before grocery stores, before refrigeration, before Just In Time delivery, people worked together to grow, harvest, and preserve food to sustain them through hard times and fallow seasons.  Now, it seems the world is on the edge of a cliff, over which are hard times that will rival, if not eclipse the Great Depression.  In order to survive... thrive in this coming hardships, we need to think like our ancestors and be prepared.  Blessed Be!

Members located in Oklahoma, please join the Oklahoma Defense Force.  

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This site is for Pagans and Heathens who are preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, microfarmers, etc.  Members of other faiths are welcome to join, however, proselytising is strictly prohibited.  Anyone caught preaching or bible-thumping will be warned once, then banned.  If you have come to try to "save our souls" from Paganism or Heathenry, this is not the place for you.  I hope you find what you need somewhere else.  Blessed Be.